About SOMA

SOMA Live Art is a channeled presentation that spontaneously occurs from a higher dimension of consciousness by Bharangi.

The word SOMA means “Elixir of Light, Light Language, Light Vibration.” SOMA allows you to reach your highest potential.

S: Spiritual

O: Omnipresent

M: Metaphysical

A: Art

These SOMA Live Art presentations have numerous “Portals” that can be accessed by gazing into the art. These portals will take you on an incredible journey to release what no longer serves you, and bring you into the light and love that you truly are.

Each Live Art canvas has a certificate of authenticity on the back, which includes the name of the music that was played while the art was being channeled. If you play that specific piece of music while gazing into the art, it will create a stronger vortex for your transformation.

Each Live Art canvas has a piece of DNA from the Artist, which is a strand of her golden hair. This living art presentation emanates a vortex of healing energy, constantly in motion wherever the painting resides.

SOMA Live Art is expansive and alive with continuously renewing energy.

SOMA Live Art is a one-of-a-kind presentation from a moment in time — your connection to the Divine.

May the Love in my Heart go from me to you,