Bharangi’s Message

2021 The Year of Positive Creations

JP and Molly

Writer James M. Barrie once said, “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

Does this not bring to mind the idea of raising the earth’s consciousness through positive creations? Shaping a kind and trusting environment requires work from every one of us. You never know when your act of kindness might inspire a chain reaction through your own initiatives.

As we enter 2021, we are honouring the work and art of JP’s Original Art Creations. JP inspires us with her wonderful paintings on canvas. Each of her art pieces brings a smile, a sense of peace and always a glimpse of inner light from her precious heart.

Thank you JP for your love, and your devotion to always sharing your sunshine with all of us so beautifully, Bharangi

2020 The Year of Kindness

“This is a year of renewal, of letting go of the old ways that no longer serve us and introducing the energy of kindness instead”.

The above is a glimpse of my Soma Live Art presentation called “Loving What Is” and if you would kindly gaze upon it with a smile on your face, you will be breathing in the energy of kindness into every cell of your body.

Loving what is, suggests being present in the moment without resistance, with an open heart and acceptance of what is. Being at peace is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, and all of humanity.

May you feel the love in my heart as I so lovingly share it with you, now and always, Bharangi

2019 The Year of Breaking Free

Given the belief that we are here to grow and expand our consciousness and awareness — bringing down the Light — this would be the year to fully embrace the journey.

Breaking free of limiting belief systems and fully embracing the freedom of stepping into a whole new paradigm of reality is the goal this year.

To quote my dear friend and teacher John Butler:

“When hearts are melted, veils on eyes melt too. With spiritual sight all is seen from, within and as Spirit. There is no separation, failure — and nothing to ask or regret. These things belong to for-getting, spirit is all for-giving. In Spirit one forgives and is forgiven.

Stillness, total stillness is required …”

2018 Year of Balance

I am offering you an opportunity to bring yourself into a beautiful place of balance. Through conscious awareness, and chakra balancing which includes breath work, asanas, and eating high pranic food, you will be able to function at a much higher level of consciousness.

I am blessed to have found my true teacher, Sadhguru and I can attest the benefits of doing his program are life changing for sure.  Check out his Inner Engineering program.

Let’s make 2018 a year of Spiritual Inspiration, where at the end of each and every day you can say “I am more joyful than yesterday.”

I am in service to helping you reach your fullest potential this year.

In love and devotion, Bharangi

2017 The Year of Yoga


This is the year to receive your deep inner
peace and claim your Yogic powers.

Above is the Shri Yantra, which is a great meditation tool for burning away old unwanted Karma. The ancient Yogis use this symbol in their daily practice.

Meditate into the middle circle called the Bindu and chant 108 times the below mantra:

“OM Shreem OM Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshwaraye Namaha”

Yoga is a way of life and not just asanas, which are yoga postures. Morning stretches release toxins in the body and drinking warm water with lemon gets your chi energy moving to start your day. A 20-minute meditation will bring calm and peace to your mind and make every day much easier for you. Followed by an evening mediation will bring balance to your day and keep you more centered into your inner peace.

Great strength and power is yours if you choose embrace your yogic self this year.

Peace be with you all my wonderful yogi’s and have a wonderful 2017!

Love and Blessings to you,  Bharangi

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