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Balance Your Chakras in this 1-hour Crystal Healing Session with Master Bharangi, by Appointment IET Classes: Intensive with Master Instructor Rev. Anita Knight starting September 22, 2018 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, UNVEILING INFINITY: Secret Techniques of Meditation and Awareness, at Roy Thompson Hall July 9 - 11, 2018 Learn to Meditate - private class with Bharangi, by Appointment "How to open your Spiritual Chakras" session with Bharangi, by Appointment

How would you like to see and meet your Personal Angel Spirit Guide. with Bharangi, by Appointment
Crystals 101, 201 & 301 Workshops, Jan. 20, Feb. 24, Mar, 24, 2018 with
Rev. Lynne

Be sure to take full advantage of The Rising Sun's Spa with our

FREE Essential Oils 101 Class with Angela Dakogiannis & Gerald Taillefer, Saturday March 31, 2018
Trauma Release through Reflexology with Rev. Diane Pearson, by Appointment

The Power of Cord Cutting: Healing Past Relationships with Bharangi, by Appointment
Angelic Spiritual Life and Business Guidance with Angelist / Intuitive Monika, Tuesdays & Thursdays by Appointment
Book a Deep Trance Channeling session with David Watson & the Willows for Saturday, October 10, 2015
Try a Rieki Tune-Up to Eliminate Your Core Issue on a Cellular Level with Bharangi, by Appointment THE ORACLE Transformation at its finest
by Appointment

Personal Past Life Regression Session with David Watson by Appointment
Book a Willow Session with Deep Trance Channeler David Watson & The Willows
Reflexology for Your Life with Certified Reflexologist Bharangi, by Appointment Non-Surgical Face Lifts with Cindy, every Wednesday and Thursday by Appointment
Balance your chakras in this one-hour Crystal Healing appointment with Master Bharangi.