Welcome to The Rising Sun a Sanctuary for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit. We are right in the ♥ of Richmond Hill, Ontario and have been serving our Spiritual community for the past 19 years.

The Rising Sun Sanctuary offers a variety of classes and workshops for people interested in becoming an Ordained Minister, licensed to perform weddings in Canada. Our Sanctuary has an Ordained Minister on staff for counselling sessions as well as bereavement counselling by private appointment 5 days a week.

We are proud supporters of The Course in Miracles and for people interested in a Metaphysical study you can access the daily Course in Miracles lessons, by going to the ACIM website available at:

We have expanded our Metaphysical curriculum, and our students appreciate our expertise and support. We offer a nice mentorship program as well, to deepen your study experience of A Course in Miracles. Ask about our 9 week Course in Miracles Study Classes.

We also offer an online Ordained Ministers Course that you can easily access at: click here

Contact Rev. Diane Pearson if you have any further questions: Rev.DianePearson@rogers.com

The Rising Sun Store offers a wide variety of unique gifts and products for spiritually awakening to a better life! We have over 1800 sq feet of positive energy and we display that concept with Angels, Fairies, Buddha’s, Incense, Music, Books, Salt lamps, Crystals, Jewellery, Native products, Crystal Balls, Medical Grade Aromatherapy, Reiki Tea, , Meditation Shawls, and our famous Reiki Shields for protection from all negativity! The Rising Sun Store is open 7 days a week for you healing journey.

Our Health Spa offers a unique 1 month membership that you can enjoy every week that will gently cleanse your body and offer deep relaxation which is always healing. Club Members enjoy our Infrared Sauna Salt Cave, Oxygen Bar, Dr. Royal Rife’s Parasite Zapper, Ion Foot Bath, Chakra Balancing Lounger and Heated Amethyst Biomat, and the MRS2000 for Pain Relief.  Plus our club members may take the Zyto Compass Report which will identify exactly what your body needs to get back to excellent health, using our Medical Grade #1 Aromatherapy Oils. You will be surprised how accurate this report is and how much better you will feel when you take your health and wellness into your own hands.

Our Healing Arts Centre offers a variety of courses and classes such as Reiki all Levels, Meditation, Astrology, Native Teachings, and studies of St. Germain and The Violet Flame every Saturday night.

Join our database so we can keep you posted on all the creative workshops that run though the Center.
We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

For more information call: 905-884-3362

With great respect, and with great love, I welcome you with all my Heart.

Namaste, Rev. Diane Pearson / Bharangi




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