For the past 15 years The Rising Sun has been serving our delicious White Light Reiki Tea to all our patrons. This deliciously spiritual tea has become our trademark. Lovely hot or cold it is sure to put more love and light into your everyday life’s experiences.


     There are 21 attunements (one per tea bag) in each package. Each tea bag has been programmed to raise your spiritual consciousness, for a complete cycle of 21 attunements. There is no end to the "deepening" or "opening", whichever you prefer. (Click on images to enlarge)

      You do not have to have been attuned to Reiki to benefit from this tea.  However, Reiki students will benefit immensely. This tea works especially well on students that have just graduated from Reiki level one and two, and are on their 21 day cleansing periods. Please drop by The Rising Sun to enjoy your free tea sample.



May the love in my Heart go from me to you.

In love and devotion,