2019 is the Year of Breaking Free

Given the belief that we are here to grow and expand our consciousness and awareness — bringing down the Light — this would be the year to fully embrace the journey.

Breaking free of limiting belief systems and fully embracing the freedom of stepping into a whole new paradigm of reality is the goal this year.

To quote my dear friend and teacher John Butler:

When hearts are melted, veils on eyes melt too. With spiritual sight all is seen from, within and as Spirit. There is no separation, failure — and nothing to ask or regret. These things belong to for-getting, spirit is all for-giving. In Spirit one forgives and is forgiven.

Stillness, total stillness is required …


2018 Year of Balance

I am offering you an opportunity to bring yourself into a beautiful place of balance. Through conscious awareness, and chakra balancing which includes breath work, asanas, and eating high pranic food, you will be able to function at a much higher level of consciousness.

I am blessed to have found my true teacher, Sadhguru and I can attest the benefits of doing his program are life changing for sure.  Check out his Inner Engineering program.

Let’s make 2018 a year of Spiritual Inspiration, where at the end of each and every day you can say “I am more joyful than yesterday.”

I am in service to helping you reach your fullest potential this year.

In love and devotion, Bharangi

2017  The Year of Yoga


This is the year to receive your deep inner
peace and claim your Yogic powers.

Above is the Shri Yantra, which is a great meditation tool for burning away old unwanted Karma. The ancient Yogis use this symbol in their daily practice.

Meditate into the middle circle called the Bindu and chant 108 times the below mantra:

“OM Shreem OM Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshwaraye Namaha”

Yoga is a way of life and not just asanas, which are yoga postures. Morning stretches release toxins in the body and drinking warm water with lemon gets your chi energy moving to start your day. A 20-minute meditation will bring calm and peace to your mind and make every day much easier for you. Followed by an evening mediation will bring balance to your day and keep you more centered into your inner peace.

Great strength and power is yours if you choose embrace your yogic self this year.

Peace be with you all my wonderful yogi’s and have a wonderful 2017!

Love and Blessings to you,  Bharangi


        The Year of Magic


“This is the year of Magic, Fairies and Druidry”

A Druid is an ancient term for “Pagan Nature Wisdom Keepers”. They can talk to the Faerie realm and receives balance and grounding from being in a forest and with nature. Druids originally were from the Ireland, Scotland, and England areas. Druid’s are before Christ and were highly respected for there wisdom and knowledge. A Druid receives power from the mighty Oak tree and Mistletoe as well as many other natural herbs for healing. They are healers, visionaries and highly intuitive.

This magical year we are introducing our new Woodland Fairy Line, consisting of one of a kind Crystal Incense Art, Magical Wishing Incense, Fairy Candles, Fairy Doors and Fairy Dust of course.

When we connect with the fairy realm and invite them into our lives, life gets a whole lot more fun and very playful too.

You can also join us on Facebook: Woodland Fairies

This spring we will be advertising our Woodland Fairy Geocaching hunts. We will meet in the forests and search for the Fairy Doors that are always hidden but not impossible to find.

                                           Magical Blessings to you,
                                                         Bharangi / Authentic Druid

 The Year to Pause

It would seem that life has a way of highjacking us, by keeping our attention on one crazy event after another. Some of our dramas can feel so overwhelming we can barely cope and everyone we meet just to seem to add to it, or even expand on it.

I am inviting you to contemplate a daily meditation practice (hourly preferably) so you can cope much better with all the drama. I know it seems insane to think that we would create our own suffering, but it is our self-imposed imagination that perpetuates the judgements.  It is our addiction to that judging, that creates all the drama and suffering for everyone.

2015 is the year to pause. Pause means that if even for a brief minute once an hour we stop, reflect inward to our deep inner peace and then breathe. We are safe; we have always been safe; and we will always be safe.

My mother always says, “stop and smell the roses”. So I say to you now, stop, pause and take the inner journey to the white rose that sits in the centre of your heart; breathe it in and smile greatly.

You are loving; you are loved; and you are so loveable… always.

Meet you at the pause, Bharangi

Bharangi and Lorenzo enjoying a Pause
May all Twin Flames unite in 2015

2014 - This is the Year of Happiness

The message for 2014 is this is the year of Happiness, so that being said there is no reason to worry about any little thing. You can just relax and surrender to the joy and happiness that are inevitable. For God’s wish for us is perfect happiness in this moment, which is always eternal. I rest in God. Through the teachings of A Course in Miracle’s I am able to expand my heart to include all situations. When I don’t judge my brothers or my sisters I am free to be at peace, which is my true nature.

I am not a body for I am free, just as God created me. Peace I offer you as I would have the peace of the world as mine. Peace comes to a quiet mind and I invite you to join me there.

In love and devotion to Truth, Rev. Diane Pearson/Bharangi


Uniting in Peace for 2013

This is the year we reach out and touch the hearts of everyone we meet.

We learn that forgiveness is how we free ourselves from suffering physically and mentally because anyone that we have not forgiven will cause us personal suffering. We have come a
long way and 2013 is the reward year. Focusing on Unity and surrendering to our higher power of consciousness in every decision we make is the goal! Shifting the way we think to thoughts of love and kindness, we will see a World waiting to celebrate Oneness and Unity in return.

Join me every Tuesday night at 7:30 for our study group on A Course In Miracles and be the changes you would like
to see in the World.

The year 2012 is going to be
all about Transformation!

It is with great pleasure, I invite you to meet my teacher Gangaji and with that, the opportunity to know the truth of who you really are.

I have collected over 83 DVD’s in the past 19 years of her amazing teachings. This is not a religion, or any technique, it is pure freedom and deep inner peace.

Satsang means “Meeting of the Truth” and in that, Freedom and Resolve.

I am also available for private appointments to further the deepening and a complimentary copy of my book is included with your session.
Bharangiji / THE ORACLE

- Holiday Season Message 2011 -
Kissed by an Angel

Angel kisses are sweet and gentle and last a life time if you are lucky enough to receive one.

When an Angel kisses you they also leave one of their beautiful White Angel Feathers for you to make a wish on. You then put the feather under your pillow that night and in the morning you take your feather outside and blow it to the wind. The Angelic realm will carry your feather to where wishes come true.

The Rising Sun where dreams come true!

Drop by for a Angel Feather and make 2012 the Best Year Ever!

- Fall Message -
Fall is for Fun!

Being open to new adventures can bring some unexpected joy into our life.

This was my first polo match and fun opportunity to stomp divots and sip on champagne all at the same time.

I met some really nice new friends and it is always a pleasure to support a worthy cause like "Polo for Hope" which gives rescue horses a second chance. Many thanks to Horse Spirit Connections, and Wendy and Andre for making this such a memorable day!

Cheers to a great Fall Season this year for all of us!

- Summer Message -
Horse Spirit Connections

Recently, my friend Alan and I had the pleasure of visiting Wendy and Andre in Tottenham at their beautiful and magical horse ranch tucked away in the mystical hills.

Their horses are therapists and each one is enlightened and gifted at the work they do for us. Wendy and Andre treat their horses with the utmost respect because horses have a strong, natural desire to be of service and to interact with people. Given that horses are teachers and healers, they possess a keen, highly perceptive intuition that helps us close the gap between how we actually present ourselves to others and how we think we are being. This is where horse interaction leads to human insight.

Alan and I will cherish our visit to the ranch and we have met a few of the horses that have enriched our lives and opened our hearts forever.

I encourage you to make your own connection. Discover more about Horse Spirit Connections by clicking here.

Contendor & Bharangi
Contendor and Bharangi with Red Man and Aria in the background

Contendor, Bharangi and Aria
Contendor and Aria getting up close and personal with Bharangi

Red Man and Alan
Red Man gives Alan a nudge in the right direction

Papi and Contendor
Papi and Contendor

Don't forget to visit www.HorseSpiritConnections.com

Blessings, Bharangi

- Spring Message -
Dancing in Spirituality

As Springtime fast approaches, what better way to get back into shape from the winter's hibernation than taking dancing lessons. I have found a wonderful dancing school in Thornhill called the Toronto Social Dance School.

Click here to watch our YouTube video and share my joy of dancing. What fun! . . . and whether you have a partner or not, you can experience this joy too!

Here is a picture of me and my dance teacher Glen Michael.

Did you know that there are 7 famous dances for each one of the chakras?

Tango        Red           Root Chakra
Bachata     Orange     Sacral Chakra
Samba       Yellow       Solar Plexus Chakra
Rumba       Green        Heart Chakra
Cha Cha     Blue           Throat Chakra
Fox Trot    Indigo      Third Eye
Waltz        White       Crown

Blessings, Bharangi

- Holiday Season Message 2010 -
Seasons Blessings and
Good Health Wishes to you...

We are now celebrating our 15th year at The Rising Sun and it warms our hearts when we think of all the love and support the community has always shown us.

It has been our delight to offer you infinite possibilities of making your life more peaceful and joyful. But this year we feel we have even surpassed that target.

Our new "Detox Club" program is really making a huge shift in people's health and well-being. It has been our discovery that when we gently remove the parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses etc. the light can then shine through all of the dark and barren places that once existed as dis-ease. We are seeing people with chronic health issues recover and then embrace a new beginning in their life.

It truly is the season to celebrate and we are so happy to celebrate Life/ Love/ Joy/ Peace/ and Good Health with you.

                                                     Om Shanti, Bharangiji


- Fall Message 2010 -
Change is in the wind...

This fall has offered the gift of unique shift and changes, some really colorful and some not so much. The autumn has always been my favorite season and I relish starting new projects or classes. Enzina and I are enrolled in a certified Nutritional Course with Dr. Iman, and that will add to our Holistic practices that we already support here at The Rising Sun.

This is also the first time in my life that I have had the opportunity to live by myself. My beautiful daughter Amanda has successfully moved into her own home and I am so proud of her, anticipating a bright and exciting future.

I am enjoying the gift of solitude and the freedom of having to care for only me. It's an interesting time in my life and I know that as one door closes another one always opens. I am walking through the door with confidence, wisdom and the determination to make this the best part of my life.

                                                     Love and Joy, Bharangiji

- Summer Message 2010 -
On Top of the World

When we practice positive thinking we begin to see life in a whole new perspective. Our inner vision begins to expand and no longer are we concentrated on the little "me" aspect of our thoughts. The practice of positive thinking allows the larger "I am" presence in us to grow, which encompasses the whole world, and beyond.

My wants and desires are so small in comparison to surrendering to the ultimate "inner peace" that is here right at this very moment. The peace I speak of is permanent, never leaving us, except by way of our thoughts taking us on the journey of illusion, yet again . . .

I invite you to come sit with me and together we can explore the infinite truth of our being. The gift of Self Realization is our birthright to experience this lifetime. Like a small seed, the more you water it the bigger it grows. The seed of a whole new perspective is waiting to be watered by you.

(Bobby Love is sharing with us his incredible journey of self-discovery in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia)

Please feel free to use this visualization to expand your consciousness by using the phrase "Who am I"?

Blessings, Bharangi

- Spring Message 2010 -
Spring is for New Creativity!

There is no limit to the amount of creativity each of us has at the core of our being — creating our own unique "art canvas of life".
I invite you to try something new; create a new art palate for yourself this year. Do not let the thought "Oh, I cant possibly do THAT" stop you from some hidden passion that deep down you have an affinity for.

I have never had the experience of playing any musical instruments at all this lifetime, and here I am now with a new Celtic Harp! This will go in my music room with my violin, tamboura,
and pink guitar that arrived this year.

Its all about becoming one with your instrument and not being attached to any outcome.

Playing music is a great way to express the joy in your Heart!

Blessings, Bharangi

- Holiday Season Message 2009 -
Feel the Transformation

This is the Crystal Healing Ball we have in the front window here at The Rising Sun. It comes from India and was made just for us, to offer its healing ability to you . . . This unique crystal ball has a very soft pink hue that is so Heart centred.

We are getting ready for the Festive Season which is soon approaching with lots of new and interesting goodies to show you. Our angel selection has certainly grown and we are offering you the "Vortex", so drop by and feel the transformation!

Season's Blessings, Bharangi

- Summer 2009 Message -
The Way of the Light

Summer is always a bright and uplifting season with all the warmth and colours it has to offer us. The radiant green glow of the leaves as the sunsets each evening is one of my personal highlights. I really like the gathering of those little “gnat flies” which form large groups over my pond and dance in delight. The invitation to see light is everywhere and only a perception away for all of us. But the truest invitation of course is to see the Light within each of us…always.

For me I was able to discover more love and light in my life when I dropped the habitual habit of “judging’’. The total acceptance of people and situations allows me to view more Light in every single scenario.

I have been studying Kabbalah and they speak a great deal about cause and effect. Kabbalah teaches that reality is a mirror. Look into a mirror and smile and the image smiles back.

“Kabbalah is not a religion, or a philosophy or a teaching. Kabbalah is a way of life: a living, breathing, vibrant pathway to the perfection of human beings and transformation of the world. By perfection, I mean a complete happiness free of worry, fear, anxiety, anger and all other negative emotions, that stand between us and fulfillment”.
     - The Way of the Kabbalist, by Yehuda Berg

Have a great summer!

Blessings, Bharangi

- Spring 2009 Message -
Magic is in the air!

For those of you who know me, "9" is my favorite number, so you can imagine how wonderful 2009 is going to be!

I started this year being initiated into the "Fairy Realm" and meeting all the fairies, gnomes and unicorns that come into my life daily. I have even started drawing them and naming a few. Pure magic!

Fairies are elementals and their job is to work with the nature beings such as flowers, trees, plants and vegetables . . . as a vegetarian I am very grateful for the wonderful work they do. We all have our own body elemental too that works very hard to keep us healthy. Try connecting with your body elemental and offer your assistance. You will have to start to listen very closely to the messages they send you, as they speak very softly.

Magic is in the air and we only have to stop and appreciate all the beauty in everything and everyone around us.

Bharangi's Birthday wish to you!
Have Sweet Fairy Blessings
on dew drop trails.

- Holiday Season Message -
The Rising Sun - Where Friends Meet

Enzina and I would like to welcome you into “Your own Hearts”. Join us as we learn to celebrate the Divine Love within, through a multitude of creative ways.

The word celebrate insinuates JOY, and that is our theme for this season. JOY to the World!

Starting with the JOY of the breath, continuing with the simplicity of movement, surrendering to the newness of the moment and then the genuine sharing of unconditional Love.

We are honored to offer you The Rising Sun, our Sanctuary for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit.

From our Hearts to yours,
Bharangi & Enzina

- Summer 2008 Message -
Friends in White

My beloved friend and co-worker Enzina and I have recently joined the St. Germain Foundation. We are "Ascended Masters" in training and as part of our dedication we are wearing only the colour white. This has made for some very fun shopping experiences. What a perfect time of the year to be shopping for white skirts! We feel honored each week as we take our fundamental classes at the Sanctuary.

There is something very sweet about giving your life to raising spiritual consciousness in ourselves and others. We daily work on purifying body, mind and spirit in the foods we eat and the words we speak. Of course our 2 hour daily mediation and decrees deepen the experience.

White to the Light!

Drop by The Rising Sun and visit us on Sundays at 11am for our "Violet Flame" services.

Be the change you would like to see in the world!

Have a Great Summer.

- Spring 2008 Message -
Radiant White Light

“To behold such beauty in another is to see the
Truth of ones own Self”

This gorgeous White Peacock’s picture has been with me for a very long time, guiding and inspiring my manifestations. So, I invite you to a “White Light” meditation and let the peacock lead the way.

Since being initiated into the Brotherhood of White Light I have been privileged to meet many new Master Teachers both here in the physical and non-physical, which are here to support us on our awakening.

I invite you to join me in my open-heart invitation by wearing all white clothing, and then meditate into the picture of the white peacock. This will allow you to expand your consciousness beyond your current form. “White Light Yoga” is being offered here, I will help you to break through any limitations and set you free!

White to the Light
I will meet you there

- Summer 2007 Message -
Are So Blessed!

Summer has touched my heart in a deeply humbling way.  Life moves in many creative and interesting scenarios for us to enjoy, because we are so blessed!

Unless, of course, you have a mind that is constantly thinking about the past, or projecting a possible future event, and bounces back and forth from past and future.  Or, when you have a “judging mind” you are constantly judging situations that you like and dislike, and this is what most people live their daily lives by judging everything!

But, if you have the good fortune, this lifetime, to stop the judging mind and live each moment just present to what is, you will have the privilege to see such beauty in all situations, in all things, and of course in all people.

I begin this summer celebrating the lives of two very important men in my life. These two mentors have showed me so much love and respect, that it makes it so much easier for me to love and respect myself and all others.

I am humbled to share with you the “loves” of my life . . .

- My father, Ron Pearson -
(Father's Day Celebration, June 17, 2007

- My friend, grandfather and guru, Mr. Jain -
(Mr. Jain's 70th Birthday Celebration, June 16, 2007

Blessings, Bharangi

- Spring 2007 Message -
Enjoy all the treasures Spring has to show you

Spring is such an inspiring time of the year. This little goat exactly expresses the feelings in my heart and the smile I get on my face when I see all of nature opening up and celebrating “new life”. A warm and fuzzy feeling comes over me and I am totally content at peace and one with nature and what is. I hope this little goat touches your heart as it did mine.

Enjoy all the treasures spring has to show you. Smile deeply and genuinely from your heart.

Spring Blessings!


- Autumn 2006 Message -
Appreciate the Autumn Brilliance

The Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. It is a time of new beginnings. The changing fall colours always make me appreciate the glory of nature. The invitation is to stop and appreciate the autumn brilliance while its still here. This is the time to assess where you have been and make positive plans for the upcoming year.

I guess it's no coincidence that in September I travel to Silver Bay, New York every year to see my teacher Gangaji. I spend a week at Lake George in a beautiful Victorian Hotel setting, with 300 people at a “silent retreat” with Gangaji.

It seems each year this experience just keeps getting better and better, deeper and deeper. When you don’t talk for a week, you can really relax into the “truth” of who you are. As Gangaji said on our first day “this isn’t an escape, it’s a retreat”.

Here is a picture of Ramana, who is Gangaji’s guru (teacher).

So from my heart to yours I offer you what my teacher offer us, with this question:

“What is here now?” Give your attention to That!

Blessings, same heart


- Summer 2006 Message -
Lighten Up

Summer is such a wonderful time for transformation - a time for seeing through our illusions and allowing more light to shine forth. Life is never quite the ways it appears, but always filled with light.

I was blessed to find a gigantic dragonfly inside our house today. Dragonflies remind us that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. If a dragonfly has shown up, look for change to occur.

We recently changed the spinner sign in front of The Rising Sun to read “Lighten Up”. This sign spins freely in the wind and sends light to all that pass by. And, we have always had a picture of a beautiful dragonfly at our side door store entrance. Dragonflies and Damselflies reflect and work with the sun and light, and have been estimated to have been around for over 180 million years.

It is our pleasure to send the dragonfly blessings to you, and all the love and light that they bring. It seems only fitting that our perk word for this month is “dragonfly”. So if you come into the store and write down the word “dragonfly” and hand it to the staff member, you will receive a free “chi machine” treatment.

Have a great summer!

Blessings, Bharangi

- Spring 2006 Message -
May you rest in the knowing

Spring is such a wonderful time to open to the possibility of new beginnings. The invitation is to just stop for a moment and witness the new growth all around us. I have been busy planting new gardens and am very fond of any plants that have varie-gated leaves, hostas especially.

Our dog Roxy (a little Chihuahua) enjoys watching all the activity. There is a grounded presence to be experienced when you are playing in the earth. And great satisfaction when you rest for a moment in your personal silence and be one with what you have created.

The Rising Sun is preparing for the upcoming Heritage Day Festival on Saturday June the 10th. Our Belly dancing teacher Andrea and Certified Chair Massage Practitioner Enzina will be representing us at the Fair. I will be at the centre serving our famous Reiki Tea.   

Our “perk” for this month’s message is the word “dove”. So drop by The Rising Sun and hand the word “dove” to the in-house staff member and receive a free “parasite cleanse”. This perk expires on June 30, 2006.

May the love in my Heart go from me to you.

Blessings, Bharangi