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Rev. Laura Stangret




Laura is a fully trained and licensed Ordained Minister specializing in fashionable, traditional, spiritual & standard ceremonies. She’s genuine, enthusiastic and committed to creating memories by presiding over the ceremony you’re envisioning. Her friendly, relaxed and spontaneous nature immediately makes each and everyone feel comfortable.

Laura’s thirty five years of professional counseling experience is also a beneficial source of heartfelt assurance and inspiring confidence to each and every person, as they know that they are in the hands of an accomplished officiant that understands and cares.





Rev. Diane Pearson - Executive Director of Ontario, CIMM




Rev. Diane Pearson is the CIMM’s Executive Director of Ontario. She also heads The Rising Sun Sanctuary, Our Sacred Light.



Rev. Lynne Offwood - TRS Teacher




Rev. Lynne is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher registered with the Canadian Reiki Association. She teaches all levels of Usui Reiki, offers healing sessions and practice groups. Rev. Lynne facilitates meditation classes, women’s healing circles and teaches a series of crystal workshops.

As a licensed spiritual minister she offers services for spiritual weddings, baby naming, passage of life ceremonies and counseling. Rev. Lynne’s passion in life is to assist people on their journey to find peace, love and joy.



Rev. Monika Frasch-Griffiths - Angelic Blessings




Rev. Monika is an Angelist with over 20 years experience. She provides Life and Business Coaching & Guidance. Using her strong intuitive powers and Angelic wisdom, she has helped over 900 clients seeking alternative methods to obtaining solutions to life’s challenges, whether professional or personal. Her practice helps people identify and achieve goals and she is dedicated to bringing the power of angels into all aspects of her coaching and Ministry.

Appointments for Angel Blessing sessions can be booked through The Rising Sun Sanctuary.
Rev. Monika can be reached at:



Rev. Gerald Taillefer




Rev. Gerald offers Natural Transformational Therapy by private appointment. This is a gentle but very effective healing modality for people who are ready to make the needed shift, allowing for a radiant new life to come into fruition.



Rev. Angela Dakogiannis




Rev. Angela practices intuitive Feng Shui, Energy Space Healing, Numerology, Life Coaching and channels Sacred Geometry symbols used for manifesting and healing.



Rev. Barbara Brachi














Rev. Barbara is the founder of The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies and The Women’s Mystery School based in Toronto, Ontario. She has taught internationally since 1993 as a Roadwoman of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. She is a mother, a grandmother and a woman devoted to understanding Mother Life and how to live in balance on this beautiful Earth.



Rev. Giulia Maturi














Rev. Giulia Maturi is a Certified Dog Trainer, Canine Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and studies Sacred Geometry.

Her spirituality and quest for enlightenment keeps her on a continuous journey of learning and healing.



Rev. Sonia Beverley














Sonia Beverley has been a psychotherapist, health care worker, educator, and an executive leader of organizations delivering community-based child, youth and family mental health services for 40 years since achieving her Masters degree as a clinical social worker.

Dedicated to the wellness and well-being of her own family, friends and disadvantaged people and communities, she has for decades invested in conscious development of her own body, mind and spirit — seeking to serve authentically, with love and compassion.

Sonia is now called to stand up in a new way and be a source of light, beauty and peace as a wedding celebrant and a facilitator of ceremony and lifecycle ritual to witness new beginnings, mark transitions, and celebrate life accomplishments in meaningful ways.



Rev. Sharon Hay














Reverend Sharon is the Managing Director and Founder of the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui which has educated over 4000 students since 2004.

She is a Master with Distinction from the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia. Her other accreditations are Reiki Master 3rd Degree and NLP Practitioner.



Rev. Meri Lee














Rev. Meri Lee is a Reiki Master and a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with a focus on past life regression.

She currently does counselling through the Tarot.



Rev. Cerese Joseph














Rev. Cerese Joseph has made a conscious decision in life to make a difference in her own life and others. She is a Certified Coach Practitioner and brings many years of experience and knowledge. She also specializes in Weddings, Baptisms and Coaching skills.

Her life coaching skills have helped many in their paths for a better life. Her spiritual journey has also helped her to continue to touch people's lives in many ways sharing wisdom and spirituality.



Rev. Alfina














Rev. Alfina was born with the gifts of healing and clairvoyance. She is an experienced medium and Reiki practitioner and devoted to using her gifts to help people. Rev. Alfina has been a spiritual coach for over thirty years.

She is honoured to be able to serve others, and to be a witness to the sacred and spiritual journey’s of her fellow human beings.




Rev. Vicki Anderson














Rev. Vicki brings a wide variety of experience and tools to utilize as an Ordained Minister. From one on one sessions to leading large group ceremonies, she has trained over 16 years in various modalities from Reiki, Wicca, Egyptian Ceremony, Hermetic studies, Esoteric studies, Kabbalah studies, Alchemy studies, Tarot studies, Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Regression and more.

She inspires others to “Live Life Alive” and is a “Citizen of the Kingdom of the Life-power.”



Rev. Joanne Zadeh














Rev. Joanne offers empowerment, purpose and abundance through light crystals and sacred essential oils.



Rev. Ramona Astrid Bernardi














Rev. Ramona Astrid Bernardi is a registered Massage Therapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist through A.C.I.M., White Light
Reiki Master and Chanel of Peace. It is her sincerest pleasure to assist you on your sacred path.



Rev. Catherine Major














Reverend Catherine has followed a diverse pathway of spiritual discovery to fulfill a childhood knowing of her ministerial path. Her studies in various Earth-based and shamanic practices (Celtic, aboriginal & Munay Ki), channeling, soul rescue, divination, mediumship, and spiritual counselling has offered her a unique perspective of humanity’s interconnectedness and the sacred song we all sing. In addition to being a Reiki Master and energy healer, Reverend Catherine has public speaking, ceremonial work and officiating religious services experience. Her friendly, sincere, compassionate nature radiates her commitment to offering warm, professional Officiant services and guidance to others on their spiritual voyage.



Rev. Heather Vickers-Wong














Rev. Heather Vickers-Wong would be honoured to help you celebrate Life in its many milestones and forms, from wedding ceremonies, space clearings, blessings of new life and honouring the transitioning of life lived. She is a Reiki practitioner and an instructor of QiGong. She has been trained in the use of many energetic modalities and counselling skills by Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. Heather is also a trained artist and graduate from George Brown College and integrates her spiritual and holistic training into her artwork, creating pieces that deeply connect to the heart and soul.



Rev. Susan Collins (Carrier of the Sacred Water, Water Woman)














In the cycle of our days we experience many aspects of what it means to be human: we know the sweet innocence of childhood and gradually learn what it means to take on the responsibilities of an adult. We learn to share our lives, our thoughts and our deepest emotions, creating bonds and commitments that last a lifetime.

I am honoured to work within your ceremonial traditions to create a meaningful expression for your Life Event. I offer wedding, funeral, naming and counseling services in unique venues.

For more information, please check my website http://www.dowser.ca/RevSusanCollins.html
or send me an email at RevSusanCollins@dowser.ca 



Rev. Tade (Teddy) Credgeur














Rev. Tade (Teddy) Credgeur has provided hundreds of multi-faith/multi-cultural, same-sex, and secular ceremonies to couples as a licensed Wedding Officiant. As a member of the Toronto Interfaith Council, she honours the needs, intentions, and personal expressions of couples to create a ceremony that is the truest expression of them and the traditions they wish to infuse into their special day in any setting including parks, cafes, or even in the privacy of home or a backyard. She was a World Pride Wedding Officiant for the largest mass wedding in North America, and continues to be a proud supporter of marriage equality.

Tade has mastered the art of wedding ceremony and truly feels it is her gift to others as she serves couples announcing their love and commitment in the presence of family and friends.




Rev. Jan Amos














Rev. Jan Amos offers counselling sessions specializing in personal growth and healing. She has as extensive background and expertise is in assisting the youth and young adults. Rev. Jan can be reached at Rev.JanAmos@gmail.com


Rev. Paul Jennings














Rev. Paul Jennings has been an alternative medicine practitioner and teacher for almost 20 years. Having lived and worked in countries around the world he enjoys meeting new people and learning new cultures. Rev. Paul is a student of Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Iridology and many other modalities. He is looking forward to supporting and celebrating new beginnings in the joy of marriage ceremonies and Spiritual growth in his community.



Rev. Olivia Sultana














Rev. Olivia Sultana is an Energy Therapist, Medical Intuitive and Shaman, Holistic Practitioner, Celtic Shamanic Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexology, Craniosacral & Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Spiritual Coach & Mentor, Meditation, EFT & Hypnosis,  B.A in Science, Psychology.

Olivia's life has been a journey of learning and of healing, guided by intuitively listening to the body, spirit and soul connection. Her wish has always been to make a difference in this life and in the lives of others seeking healing and in understanding one’s life purpose.      Her healing practice and teaching have taken many years to evolve into what they are today and these teachings have brought about a new understanding of healing the physical body through spirituality.



Rev. Ruth Roberts














Rev. Ruth Roberts studies body-mind-spirit connections and offers opportunities to individuals or groups to gently explore their breath, movement and introspective questioning along with meditation to discover their innate wisdom. She resides in the Royal York and Bloor area and can be contacted at: knowingthruthinessence@gmail.com
or her blog at: www.ofhorseiam.com


Rev. Beverley Sorbara




Rev. Beverley is a licenced multi-faith Minister with over 10 years of experience in personalizing, scripting and performing:

  • Weddings and Renewal of Vows
  • Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies
  • Funerals and Memorials

Rev. Beverley continually draws from her 33 years of teaching and mentoring skills. Her other services include Reiki, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Signature Cell and Cranial Sacral modalities.

She lives in the Orangeville area and has had the honour to officiate ceremonies in many locations throughout Ontario.

Please contact her at: rev.beverleysorbara@gmail.com


Rev. Marianne Zinn




Rev. Marianne Zinn’s pursuits in transforming consciousness led her to the path of Ministry. She directs spiritual groups, meditations and seminars and provides individual spiritual counselling, and a choice of traditional or innovative services and sacraments.

Rev. Marianne studied EMF-Balancing under the direct personal supervision of the originator of the work, and is certified to the level of teacher of teachers.

She also teaches and practices Usui Reiki and has a practice in neurofeedback using NeurOptimal, a revolutionary neurofeedback system which facilitates physical and emotional well-being by using the central nervous system’s own natural neuroplasticity and ability to self-regulate.

Rev. Marianne resides in the Waterloo area and can be reached at: marianne@graciousbalance.com


Rev. Wineke




Rev. Wineke has studied with Dr. Sharon Forest and certified in energy medicine and energy psychology. She will assist you in clearing cellular, DNA and morphogenetic levels. Past life regressions and childhood traumas.

Rev. Wineke’s gift and specialty is a Dimensional transformational consciousness facilitator assisting you in raising your frequency and vibration to clear and remove old programs and beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and disconnected from abundance on all levels: Love, finances, health and abundance. She also assists you in exploring the different Soul dynamics- Dimensionally and inter dimensionally: Twin Ray, One Soul, Karmic Soul Mate, Companion Soul Mate.

Rev. Wineke is a certified level one Qi Gong instructor and Reiki Master.



Rev. Aileen Dockerty




Rev. Aileen Dockerty is a professional Celebrant who guides individuals, couples, and families to mark the passages of human life including a marriage, birth and death.

It is important to realize that one of the most beautiful aspects of being human is how we long to connect with the people we love. It is why we celebrate weddings, the birth of our children, and it’s why we hold memorials and funerals. such a ceremony creates emotional richness and symbolism during difficult times as well as joyous milestones.

Rev. Aileen will craft a memorable, meaningful, bespoke, personal and inclusive ceremony at a location of your choice.

Rev. Aileen holds a diploma in Funeral and Family Celebrancy from the UK Society of Celebrants.




Rev. Norma Wentworth














Rev. Norma Wentworth is on her path to personal Christhood, her special interest is Sacred Alchemy; the divine science of precipitating God-Abundance and manifesting God’s kingdom in the Earth-plane, for the benefit of all Life.

She is a professionally-trained spiritual director and psychotherapist, with a great understanding and compassion for those who feel stuck under the influence of, or even controlled and enslaved by, astral or psychic spirits and dark forces, which can manifest themselves as seemingly impossible-to-control mental patterns or habits of limiting thoughts and destructive emotions, as well as substance and other process addictions.

Rev. Norma offers individual, couples and pre-marital coaching and counselling in Durham Region, Scarborough and Markham.



Rev. Mary Montanari




Rev. Mary Montanari is an intuitive healer and Spiritual Counsellor based in Toronto. She calls upon an extensive spectrum of modalities in her work: Reiki, Angel Readings, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Chakra Balancing, Reconnective Healing, sound Therapy, and Meditation.

Her mission is to assist in the removal of clutter and darkness that lie within the mind, and empowering her clients to tap into their own inner peace with the ability to move forward in their lives knowing that All is well.

Rev. Mary can be reached at: marsolite@marymontanari.com or her website is: www.marymontanari.com


Rev. David (Dovber) Finestone Hon BA, RM




Rev. David is a gifted Healer, Teacher, Scholar & Author.

A multi-lineage Reiki Master & Enochian, Mastering & Mentoring and continues to study Reiki, Kabbalah, Alchemy and Quantum Physics in the Esoteric Arts for more than Three Decades.

Familiar with the Agape of many cultures Rev. Finestone is open to accommodating, Honouring and Incorporating shared rituals of light into your service. Should you wish to be Married in the Jewish Tradition with Hebrew Blessings, As a Bar Mitzvah, Reb Dovber qualified to accommodate the Couples wishes.



Rev. Lynda June Thomson




Rev. Lynda has over 20 years experience in spiritual psychic guidance, clearings, holistic and Reiki healings. An international conference speaker, she looks forward to officiating rituals and ceremonies including same gender weddings, commitment ceremonies, baptisms and funerals.



Rev. Jeffrey Kippel and Rev. Mindy Blackstein




Rev. Jeffrey Kippel, and his partner Rev. Mindy are available upon your request to perform Weddings, Elopements and Vow Renewal Ceremonies; Commitment-to-Self and Family Forgiveness Celebrations; Coaching and Empowerment; Retreats and Personal Growth Getaways. Events range from Traditional, Non-Secular - to - Spiritual, Metaphysical & your creative "Choose-your-Own-Adventure" style Events: Large to Intimate; LGBTQ; quick Elopements; Secret Marriages; Vow Renewals; Commitment to Self; Family Forgiveness; and Transformation Triumphs.

FREE Your MIND recognizes individuals for stepping into their power: honoring who they are and who they choose to partner with; recommitting to parents, siblings, children, spouses or forgiving family and soul sibling type friends.

For marriages, we honor couples who choose to partner up in life as each other's best friend and personal cheerleader: to recognize each other's talents; to encourage dreams; to understand and listen to; to forgive and learn from; to inspire and be inspired by; and to appreciate, honor, and love through all life's adventures.

For Commitment and Forgiveness Ceremonies, it recognizes and rewards those who choose to empower themselves forward, pursue personal growth, and or to help others feel good.





Rev. Brenda Lee Wyeld Lue




Rev. Brenda Lee Wyeld Lue brings to her customized sessions and workshops 30 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, 18 years as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and training in a large variety of Vibrational Healing Techniques. She is currently studying Child Space, an internationally renowned program supporting children and their caregiver from birth to independence.

Rev. Brenda is currently offering 3 complementary Child Space sessions per child, as part of her study program until May 2016. As a Child’s Space Practitioner she will be offering group classes and private sessions.

Rev. Brenda is passionate about facilitating change for peace and joy.



Rev. Dorothy Whelan




Rev. Dorothy is a life-long learner, educator and community volunteer of over 25 years in the Richmond Hill area.

Witnessing and helping to organize Weddings and various Commitment Ceremonies with a musical touch is her specialty.

No matter how traditional or unique the setting or ceremony, Rev. Dorothy is a born organizer who pays attention to the smallest of details,
brings her calm and professional presence to your most important of days, making your ceremony one to remember and cherish.



Rev. Amylee Silva




Rev. Amylee Silva is a certified Yoga instructor, former personal trainer and life coach. For 5 years Rev. Amylee guided hundreds of individuals towards their physical and emotional goals before pursing her own.

This spiritual path lead her to places such as China, Thailand and India, amongst many others.

Amylee is available for spiritual & same-gender weddings and personal life coaching.

To reach her please email:



Rev. Ila Sisson




Rev. Ila Sisson is of service to community as a spiritual leader of the Sacred Healing Fire Lodge, Full Moon Women's Circle, and many types of ceremonies, through spiritual counselling, as a guide on inner Sacred Healing Journeys.

She is a member of the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations and The Beloved Community Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. Rev. Ila has a deep passion for working together to enhance caring and sharing within our communities and upon Mother Earth.

Rev. Ila is pleased to work with you in co-creating and facilitating ceremonies for Rites of Passage at all ages and stages including blessings and naming, coming of age, marriage, entry into Mother/Fatherhood, becoming an Elder/Crone and passing with dignity and joy.

www.touchedbylight.ca (photography)


Rev. Alicja Aratyn




For over three decades Rev. Alicja Aratyn touched the lives of thousands of people around the world through her metaphysics-based teachings, motivational speeches and inspirational lectures about self and spiritual development. She also heals and consults to help people bringing their lives to the next level of awareness.

"I will be delighted and proud to assist you with all ceremonies we go through over our lifetime: from Baptism, through Marriage to Funerals, all Sacred Ceremonies will be performed in very personal and intimate ways".



Rev. Sheri Ellis-Bell




Rev. Sherri Ellis-Bell hopes to share with those who welcome love into their life. Light and Harmony with each intimate life celebration - to explore the unique definition of Divine, God/Goddess, Higher Power etc whether through Wedding Vows, Celebrations of Life, Birth Celebrastions or Renewal Celebrations - to move forward with a commitment honouring individual beliefs.

Rev. Sherri will strive to provide a safe haven for thoughts and allowing those precious moments to unfold.



Rev. Christine Miokovic




Rev. Christine Miokovic is an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner and has a private practice in Toronto.

She has been holding monthly Healing Circles and has a deep connection with Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Rev. Christine channels messages of healing through the chakra system as a Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioner, as well as a certified Sacred Angel Walk Facilitator.

Rev. Christine is now called to continue her journey of Light by bringing love to any ceremony that draws people together. Whether it is to celebrate a union, new beginning or to honour a passing, she brings the Divine with her to share blessings and to unite the commonality of our essence.



Rev. Beth MacKenzie




Rev. Beth MacKenzie has conducted countless weddings and has enjoyed each one with the uniqueness of the couple. She was one of the chosen Ministers to serve at World Pride. "I believe everyone in this world should be able to marry. I believe my calling has always been to unite love that surrounds each of us. There is no room for negativity and through my life lessons have discovered who I really am. I find my peace in daily meditation. My goal is to make a difference in each person that crosses my path."



Rev. David Warsh




Rev. David Warsh is a life student of the Eastern Ad-Waita philosophy "There are no others".

He is honoured recipient of the prestigious Consumers Choice Award for business excellence every year since 2006.

He offers Bio Force, Metaphysician of Vital Energy transfer, and is a devoted meditator for over a quarter of a century.

Rev. David envisions a harmonious global existence.



Rev. Anita Knight




Rev. Anita is a Reiki Master, IET Master-Instructor, Spiritual Counsellor and facilitator of Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl Healings. Since 2006 she has been teaching Integrated Energy Therapy, Tibetan Singing Bowl Healings and being a calm and compassionate light for students and clients who seek her out. She incorporates varied modalities into her healing work including Reiki, Natural Medicines such as Homeopathy, Herbs and Essential Oils.

She is available as a Spiritual Guide and Healer in Canada & Cancun, Mexico in person or over the web.



Rev. Trisha Linton



Rev. Trisha Linton lives just north of Orangeville and is the mother of 5 children. She is a children and adult coach for people living with challenges such as ASD.

Rev. Trisha is an energy healer and a Reiki practitioner. She has created Faith healing circles, and soul circles as well as meditation. She is a community service worker, medium and intuitive healer.



Rev. Louise Vigneault




Rev. Louise Vigneault has been a student of White Light Energy for more than three decades and through her study, she found her calling by becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. Along all these years, she has acquired many other designations such as Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Touch for Health and Integrated Energy Therapy Teacher. She has been practicing yoga for over 40 years and has been a yoga teacher for more than 15 years.

Rev. Louise Vigneault love to help people succeed in life. She has been an inspiration for many and has been coaching people so they can achieve what their heart desires.



Rev. Susan Howson



Rev. Susan Howson, MA, CPCC, PCC, CHBC is a Family and Relationship Systems Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, Humanitarian-Award Winner, International Coaches Federation PRISM award winner and finalist for Canadian Coach of the Year.

Susan is also the Creator of The Centre of Divine Love, Magnificent Creations Limitee and the Kids Coaching Connection program. Her commitment and passion for developing the Magnificence in others is evident in the products and services she has created. She has developed award winning products (Manifest Your Magnificence) that teach positive values and self esteem as well as the fully approved International Coach Federation ACSTH Kids Coaching Connection program that teaches coaching skills to people who work with and/or have kids.



Rev. Sarah Hall



Rev. Sarah Hall is an artist and therapeutic arts facilitator living in the Toronto area. Sarah has been the Lead Facilitator for the Art for Cancer Foundation, now in it’s fifth year.

Through the use of Shamanic dancing, drumming, art-making, prayer, clay-work, myth and story, Sarah’s workshops explore ceremony as a portal for deep living.

Sarah has studied at Arscura - School of Living Art, the Orphan Wisdom School of Living Deeply, and is now working to complete a degree in Fine Arts and Philosophy. Having travelled to Sedona to study shamanic dance and ritual, Sarah has also worked with Grammy Award winning musicians to create her own CD Heart of Desire, that is used exclusively by healers & therapists and in her own Dance Your Desire workshops. Sarah is co-founder of Gypsy Soul Studio, and along with fellow artist Amber Higgins, is excited to bring many of her on the road workshops to their new space this spring.



Rev. Janet Amare



Rev. Janet Amare is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Pastoral Counselling, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Author. Since 2000, her Centre for Vibrational Healing in Brampton, Ontario offers diploma programs in Energy Medicine, Spiritual Healing, Meditations, Ceremonies, and Sacred travel. Rev. Janet dedicates her time and love to helping others awaken, grow in consciousness, connect to Spirit, and live in harmony with Nature.



Rev. John Walsh




Rev. John Walsh has devoted a lifetime to the study of ancient mythology, religion and philosophy. As a professor at the University of Guelph, he has lectured internationally, in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada. He has published a number of articles and book chapters on various aspects of ancient civilization an culture. He continues to blend ancient wisdom with contemporary spirituality in an ongoing process of seeking truth.



Rev. Carol-Andrea




Rev Carol-Andrea is a holistic nutritionist CNP, iridologist HI, energy medicine practitioner (EMP), a Reiki master and practices many other Eastern and Universal philosophies.

She has been an alternative holistic practitioner and mentoring teacher for over 15 years.

Rev Carol- Andrea is known for being very nurturing, patience and compassionate as she works with clients on their healing journey. She resides in the Caledon ONT area.

She is honoured to work within your ceremonial traditions and offer wedding, funeral and naming services in unique venues.



Rev. Jeanette Rondinello




Rev. Jeanette Rondinella is an accomplished NLP practitioner and specialises in Self-Discover and Change. She also leads classes on meditation geared towards Spiritual Development and growth.

She lives in the Richmond Hill area and can be reached at revjeanetterondinella@gmail.com


Rev. Brian Gangel




Rev. Brian Gangel has over 20 years experience in the Natural Health Industry. He is Canada's QRA Expert which is advanced applied Kinesiological muscle testing.

Rev. Brian is also a certified Herbalist, Iridologist, Health Coach and Holistic Skin Care Specialist, as well as an environment consultant. He is the owner of New Millennium Living Ltd.
and the Fernlea Natural Health Sanctuary.



Rev. Kathryn Louise



Rev. Kathryn’s many gifts are to assist and guide you, whether it be personal or spiritual. She is a gifted Intuitive Medium and has been granted the gift of healing. She offers, words of guidance, coaching and healing to assist and guide you into your awakening.

To compliment her work, she is a Certified Past Life Practitioner, and a Spiritual and Holistic Coach/Mentor, Reiki Master and a Certified Hypnotist. Rev Kathryn Louise is based in the Brant/Oxford County area but loves to travel.

She can be reached at: Rev.KathrynLouise@gmail.com or


Rev. Claudia Dale



Rev. Claudia Dale has been a spiritual healer for the past 22 years. She conducts meditation circles, and teaches healing techniques, both from her home in Brantford or Yours.

Serving in the GTHA. Her website is:
Email her at:


Rev. Nancy Lewis



Rev. Nancy Lewis works in the Sutton/Georgina area. She brings 30 years experience to her active Skype and telephone counselling service. She is a level II Reiki practitioner.

As a newly ordained Minister she is very excited to be able to offer Wedding, Baptism and Memorial celebrations.



Rev. Adam Martin



Rev. Adam Martin is a certified celebrant and marriage officiant serving all denominations and faiths, offering personalized ceremonies in the GTA.

Rev. Adam is a Metis aboriginal and Reiki practitioner, and is familiar with many forms of ceremony to help make your celebration as meaningful as it can be.




Rev. Jill McPherson B.A.Sc., B.Ed.



Jill is a trained and licensed Ordained Minister, specializing in officiating weddings, funerals and baptismal ceremonies. Jill is also available to assist clients in creating a personalized commemorative ceremony for any occasion or milestone. She is a student of A Course of Miracles and in Esoteric Studies. Jill is an Elementary school Teacher as well as a teacher of Continuing Education for adults. She enjoys teaching Mindfulness practices to community groups and individuals.

Jill hosts her own Spiritual Talk Show called Awakening Within on Roger’s TV in order to promote various modalities of healing and ways in which people can feel more self empowered and fulfilled. She lives with her husband and 4 children on their family farm outside of Orangeville, ON.

Jill has a diploma in Spiritual Direction and is available for Spiritual Counselling as well as a
Key note speaker for your special event.




Rev. Lori Lytle



Rev. Lori Lytle helps people find connection, joy and empowerment through her inclusive and compassionate approach to ceremony and celebration. Her personalized services, which include multi-faith, secular and same sex weddings in the Toronto area, honour and respect the traditions and wishes of the clients she serves. Rev. Lori is also a professional Tarot reader and founder of Inner Goddess Tarot.




Rev. Patricia Giankas



Rev. Patricia Giankas is also a licensed mortgage broker and bankruptcy and insolvency counsellor for over 16 years.

She provides life and business coaching and guidance and have helped over 3000 clients achieve their financial goals.

Rev. Patricia is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic practitioner as well as a assertiveness coach.



Rev. Kimberley



Rev. Kimberley has spent her 25 year career in municipal recreation providing opportunities for people to lead healthy active lives, both physically and emotionally. In addition to being the Director of Recreation, Kim has also been the Marriage Officiant for the municipality and has happily united in excess of 300 couples over the past 10 years. Rev. Kim's focus is to provide a memorable celebration (both for marriages and celebrations of life) that fill people with love and make them smile. She prefers celebrations in the Orangeville and Alliston areas.



Rev. Julie Bayes (Jewelee)



Rev. Julie Bayes (Jewelee) is a natural born psychic/medium, spiritual teacher and energy worker. She runs a small metaphysical boutique called "Ask Jewelee" located in Niagara Falls, where you can find tools to aid and guide you on your journey, as well as unique products and gifts.

She is available to personalize and make your ceremonies special and memorable, offering traditional and non traditional ceremonies to choose from.

Rev. Julie's website is: askjewelee.com
Email: jewelee@askjewelee.com


Rev. Catherine Mines



Rev. Catherine Mines is Founder and Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga, as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Peace Ambassador and TEDx Presenter.

Catherine’s programs and therapies enjoy her open heart, contagious optimism, and wise ways, which leave them immediately feeling that they have found the right setting to foster their own wellbeing.



Rev. Nita Paulo



Rev. Nita Paulo is an interfaith minister who honours all faiths. As the Founder and Director of Soul Light Healing Ministry, she is honoured to be of service and to work within your ceremonial tradition to create beautiful, rich moments for each of your life events.

Rev. Nita is a certified Medical Reiki Master, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer and an Axiatonal Alignment practitioner and instructor. Her ministry offers services as an officiant for weddings and renewal of vows, baptisms and naming ceremonies, funerals and memorial services and blessings of all kinds. She also offers a variety of workshops and courses on Meditation and EFT, Crystal Therapy Healing, Chakra Healing, Candle work, Axiatonal Alignment, and all levels of Reiki (Usui and Traditional Tibetan).

She can be reached at:


Rev. Chad Carver, OCT, BA. Hons., B.Ed



Rev. Chad is an Ontario Certified Teacher who offers life coaching and spiritual counselling. As an ordained minister, he performs various ceremonies, including baby celebrations and celebrations of life, as well as interfaith, multicultural, LGBT inclusive and secular weddings. He is available to conduct these ceremonies in the Windsor-Toronto corridor. In London, Ontario where Rev. Chad lives, he engages in community outreach, and is currently in the planning stage of opening a community centre that provides services to youth, and battered women.

Please email him for more information at: chdcrvr@gfmail.com


Rev. Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein



Rev. Rhonda is founding partner and high priestess of "Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary.

As an intuitively empathic mystic by nature, she has been a dedicated messenger of love consciousness for over two decades.
Rev. Rhonda (Roni) is available for your sacred life ceremonies, from marriages to funerals, vow renewals to memorials, baby naming to name changes and gender alignment ceremonies and more.

She looks forward in reverence, and gratitude to journeying with you and yours.

Rev. Rhonda can be reached at: Events@RhondaSherylLipstein.com

Her website is: www.RhondaSherylLipstein.com


Rev. Robert Harrison



Rev. Robert Harrison is a Spiritual Minister, Presenter, Entrepreneur, and Martial Arts specialist.

He has been a community service volunteer for over 47 years with various organizations and is dedicated to helping those in need.

Rev. Harrison is a student of various religions as well as a Reiki and NLP therapist.

Rev. Robert is the Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder of the Community of Holistic Living Inc, (www.COHLinc.com) dedicated to helping people re-engineer their lives with quality information and training regarding; health, wealth and spirituality.



Rev. Paul Galloro



Rev. Paul Galloro is a hug in human form! The symbol of his ministry is the disco ball. He says "we're all mirrors of the same disco ball, here to reflect the light of Love out into the world." Paul's ministry includes Yoga Therapy, Divine Wellness Coaching, and of course, dance!

Rev. Paul can be reached at: PaulGalloro.com


Rev. Joyce Arrand



Rev. Joyce Arrand is a sincere, loving, compassionate Minister who has dedicated the past 30 years as a RPN caring for the elderly.

She is also a Teri Mai Reiki Master, and Reflexologist.



Rev. Aina-Nia Ayo'dele (Arlene Grant)



Reverend Aina-Nia Ayo'dele (Arlene Grant) is an ancient spirituality teacher, leadership development trainer and life vision coach. She travels to cities around the world on a mission to inspire individuals in realizing their vision, live with purpose and influence change in their families, communities and the world. Reverend Aina-Nia is the founder and spiritual director of Sacred Women International.

Email: aina-nia@sacredwomeninternational.com


Remembering Her Power™: https://vimeo.com/197452464
Aina-Nia's Call To Action: https://vimeo.com/204777137
SLT ~ A View From The Inside Out:


Rev. Audra Jacombs



Rev. Audra Jacombs offers guidance and counselling services for anyone in need, specializing in personal and spiritual awareness and development. Trained as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy practitioner, Audra can assist in discovering your past lives and awakening your connection to your soul. She also offers unique, specialized marriage, commitment and naming ceremonies as well as end-of-life counselling and last rites services.

One Soul Awakening a mindful approach to all lives. Rev. Audra can be reached at: one.soul.awakening@gmail.com


Rev. Julie Savoy



Rev. Julie Savoy is a highly gifted British Intuitive medium; with over 30 years experience as a professional reader and healer. She is the founder/director of "Natures Grove" a healing service and Ministry.

Rev. Savoy's certified Usui Reiki Master, Munay Ki Shaman, holds a diploma in Life Coaching, Relaxation Therapy, and is a home support worker and has experience in the mental health field.

Rev. Savoy offers all services iwthin the freedom and support for interfaith, multicultural, LGBT plus offers secular weddings and other ceremonies.



Rev. Barbara Paron



Rev. Barbara Paron is a licensed ordained minister specializing in small and simple services. She enjoys the bringing together those of different faiths, nationalities, and same genders with marriage and commitment ceremonies.

Rev. Barb is a certified life coach, therapeutic touch student, and has spent many years as an adult educator and public seminar speaker. She is detail oriented, asks many questions and listens intently to her clients requirements in order to ensure the ceremony is tailored to the client's wishes. Rev. Barb is located in the Mississauga/Brampton area, however is able to commute to your choice of local or distant setting.



Rev. Maria Arvanitidis



Rev. Maria Arvanitidis has had over a decade of experience in the Funeral Profession; an entrepreneur at heart  and operational owner as a Ceremony Officiant with Peerless Moments. 

Engaging with people to provide a meaningful script that gives relevance to their ceremony; officiates and on your behalf to provide public speaking. 

Rev. Maria offers: L.G.B.T. Wedding Vows/ Commitment / Renewal of Vows / Parting of Ways /

Pet Memorial/Tributes / Graveside/Funeral and Naming Ceremony.

Open to serving all faiths and she sees life as a great privilege, with such a rich tapestry of culturally diverse traditions to choose from, for your personal program.




Rev. Anne Elliott



Rev. Anne Elliott is dedicated to creating easy, welcoming and safe spaces to honour life's passages with joy, wisdom and celebration.

She offers such services as Wedding Ceremonies, Marriage Preparation, Blessing Way Ceremonies for expectant mothers, Croning Ceremonies for women turning 65,
Oracle card readings, Collage Workshops, Drum making workshops and Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies.


Rev. Angela Lytle



Rev. Angela Lytle brings a joyful and inclusive approach to crafting ceremony to mark you special celebrations. Offering wedding services and other rites of passage in the Toronto area.

Rev. Angela specializes in interfaith, eclectic and personalized ceremonies guided by her clients wishes and needs. All people of all genders, backgrounds and orientations will be greeted with love and respect.

Rev. Angela has a degree in comparative religions, a background in yoga philosophy, and also works in the field of women's human rights.


Rev. Christian Scarlato



Rev. Christian Scarlato offers life coaching, Spiritual Weddings, Life Celebrations, and Spiritual Welcomings through his Hands in Harmony Ministry.  As a professional teacher (with over 12 years experience), performance artist (with over 25 years experience) and explorer of life (With 42 years experience).

Rev. Christian constantly has been exposed to a large spectrum of multiple cultures, socio-economic, and unconventional lifestyle.  The journey that has led him on an inspiration path that he uses as a conduit to bring joy and healing to those he interacts with.  His philosophy is that the hands are a physical channel that creates, guides, holds, and heals.

Rev. Christian’s work is a blend of the arts and the spirit to bring advice and unique style of ceremony to those seeking a unique outlook on life.


Rev. Karen Hamilton



Rev. Karen Hamilton has been in Social Service employment for over 25 years, working with many different dynamics. She will be offering personally designed weddings to everyone, baptisms/naming days for any age, life celebrations/funerals to honour loved ones beginning the second journey of their life. Rev. Karen has an engaging smile, warm personality and calming manner. Years of providing grief services have afforded her excellent listening and guiding skills.

At New Beginnings Spiritual Ministry all services are designed just for you.


Rev. Darice Darbyshire



Rev. Darice Darbyshire has been involved in Spiritual metaphysical work since the early 1980's. She has come to this earth with gifts as a young child that her grandmother nurtured.
Rev. Darice works as a healer in palliative care and whenever called upon this is a volunteer capacity.

She is available to officiate weddings and is passionate about her calling and has great interpersonal skills, and has no problem with large or small gatherings.


Rev. Laura Bulmer



Rev. Laura specializes in weddings, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies and celebrations of life. She has extensive experience in nursing, palliative care, education, life coaching and public speaking. She is committed to working with you to create a meaningful and individualized ceremony.

Located in both the Greater Toronto and Kingston area, Rev. Laura is able to commute and travel.

Want to explore making your special day one to remember? She would love to hear from you. You can contact her directly at vanbulmer@hotmailcom or visit her website: indigocelebrations.com

Rev. Laura Carver



Rev. Laura Carver is a student in the ongoing studies of mindfulness, forgiveness and unconditional love. She is co-founder and co-director of Still Mind Ministries, a nonprofit organization which aims to help people achieve their spiritual-wellness goals through a variety of individual services and community outreach.

Attuned as a White Light Reiki Master, and certified in Raindrop Technique by the Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education, she offers healing sessions in Reiki, Raindrop, and Pet Wellness, as well as teaching all levels of Reiki, Beginning Raindrop Technique, and various classes introducing the uses of essential oils to benefit families and pets. Having personal experience in overcoming abuse, she volunteers her healing services to women and families in local emergency shelters.

Rev. Laura lives in the beautiful city of London, Ontario, with her husband and best friend, Rev. Chad, and a quirky miniature dachshund named Teacup As an ordained minister of CIMM, she is available to officiate weddings, both traditional and unique, happily accommodating couples of any faith, race or gender. She will also perform commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows, dedications, naming ceremonies and celebrations of birth, house blessings, and passing of life ceremonies.

Visit the ministry website, or contact Rev. Laura directly by email or phone: 




Rev. Akrivi Nocolaou



Rev. Akrivi practices intuitive Feng Shui, Energy Space Healing, Numerology, and channels positive energies using her gift of clairvoyance in manifesting and healing.

Among her many talents, she guides and inspires those who seek a positive change in their lives and a path to spiritual transformation. She is devoted to using her gifts to help people and to bringing peace and love to everyone around her.


Rev. Christina



Rev. Christina has been on a lifelong journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment, under the guidance of her mother who is a Reiki Master and Aromatherapist.

She has studied yoga and has used meditation as a means of inner growth. It is Rev. Christina's lifelong goal and passion to help make this a more accepting, peaceful and loving world.


Rev. Shawna Lafreniere



Rev. Shawna Lafreniere lives in North Bay and is inspired by love. Her Ministry "Divine Oneness and Guidance" is about connecting people with their Truth and personal greatness.

Her vocation offers Weddings, Funeral Services, Naming Ceremonies, Home Blessings, and Pet Blessings all personalized to reflect your unique greatness and blessed with love.


Rev. Jodi Hall, PhD



Since 1996, Rev. Jodi Hall has walked with an array of individuals & families as a full-spectrum doula/labour support. She has traveled the world, from various countries within Africa, to the Arctic, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, throughout Europe and Australia. This travel has introduced her to ceremony and customs practiced around the world, leaving her with a profound sense of reverence for the diversity of traditions. Rev. Jodi has witnessed the power of ceremonies to bring together individuals, families & communities,

She believes in ceremonies that honour all relationships; with a strong commitment to serving LGBTQ+ partnerships, unions, ceremonies. It is every person's right to determine their family, and she happily walks beside each unique individual that chooses her to be a part of their journey.

Rev. Jodi performs weddings and commitment ceremonies, as well as numerous other ceremonies to honour the full circle of life's transitions.


Rev. Elizabeth Junen



Rev. Elizabeth has spent her life dedicated to spiritual growth, first as an ordained Zen monk and now 24 years later as an ordained Metaphysical Minister.

She is the founder of The Sacred Circle, a ministry dedicated to those who feel on the "outside" whether it is because of race, gender, sexual orientation, mental wellness, or simply life experience. All the love of the Universe awaits us. Nothing is outside the the Circle, including ourselves.

In addition to celebrant services (weddings, funerals, naming, and coming of age ceremonies) Rev. Elizabeth offers counselling, meditation classes, and workshops in service to the Source of Being and the Divine Feminine. Her practice is rooted in truth, respect, love, forgiveness, and no judgement.


Rev. Martin Kelman



Rev. Martin is a Teacher/Counsellor, Reiki Master and Clairvoyant. He has a teaching degree and a psychology degree and over 40 years experience in the metaphysical realm.

Rev. Martin provides life and business counselling. He has strong ties to the angelic kingdom and uses Angelic wisdom to obtain solutions and advice for all professional and personal challenges. His intuitive skills help people understand their purposes upon the earth and how to achieve their goals.

Rev. Martin offers healing sessions and practice groups. He facilitates mediation classes, energy work, healing circles and teaches at a community based intuitive developmental group. As a licensed spiritual minister he offers services for spiritual awakening, past life regressions, individual readings, spiritual weddings, passage of life ceremonies and counselling.

Rev. Marin's passion in life is to assist people on their journey and to help develop their metaphysical gifts.


Rev. Tyler James



Rev. Tyler holds a deep passion for helping others and through his experiences he has been able to attain a great partnership with the Holy Spirit. For over 8 years Rev. Tyler has dedicated his energy to helping others by recognizing the value in them and understanding their life struggles is something that can be worked through. He is compassionate, open, humble and believes love is what awakens the soul and brings peace to our thoughts. With his support and guidance, he lifts you to a higher sense of self and seeks to provide a memorable experience through his services.

Rev. Tyler is available for Healing Prayer services, Spiritual counseling, Blessings, Wedding ceremonies, Baptisms, Welcoming ceremonies, Hospital visitation, vigil, and prayer services for the dying.

Please contact him at:  reverendtylerjames@gmail.com

Rev. Michael Long



Rev. Michael is a Toronto lightworker who incorporates praying in tongues as a transmitter of the healing intentions of 'Light & Love' while incorporating Reiki, which he is a certified Master in, to help you heal & reconnect you to your divine nature, through energy work or Kundalini Yoga lessons. 

He's available for secular weddings (LGBT inclusive), babtisims/baby naming ceremonies and funerals/end of life celebrations. 

He looks forward to serving you. For more information visit:  www.lightandlove.ca

Rev. Ann Tuomikorpi



Rev. Ann Tuomikorpi loves doing weddings, marrying couples of all faiths, genders and nationalities.

With a diverse career portfolio, Rev. Anne also specializes in Reiki, Biofeedback, and Spiritual house warming’s, and blessing ceremonies. She is also a licensed Real Estate Representative, so she can cover all your needs. 

Rev. Liana Tomowich



Rev. Liana Tomowich has been a Holistic Practitioner for over 29 years. She facilitates monthly meditation classes; is an Educator, Reg’d Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist and also offers treatments in Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Counselling, Emotional Releasing.

As a licensed Ordained Minister, she offers services in; performing marriages, celebration of life ceremonies, memorials, baptisms… wherever she is asked for her services in whatever capacity that may help others to ‘live happy every after’ or bring some comfort, peace or joy to the moment."

Email: leed7177@gmail.com

Rev. Talar Lori



Rev. Talar Lori is from the province of Ontario, now residing in Quebec. She is a Reiki Master Teacher focusing on women’s empowerment and rebuilding self-esteem.

Contact: talarlori@rocketmail.com

Visiting CIMM Minister Dr. Joseph Dubé from Ottawa ievolvenow@gmail.com
"You must unlearn what you have learned" - Yoda

If you have any questions you can email Rev. Diane Pearson at