SaunaRay Infrared Sauna

SaunaRay offers you a unique opportunity to heal, and to stay healthier for the rest of your life.

Far Infrared Sauna is state of the art technology used in top detoxification clinics in the United States, including Dr. William Reaís world-renowned Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas.

It has been successfully tested on the worst-case heart patients at the Mayo Clinic, stopping and even reversing symptoms in what were thought to be fatal patients.

It is now being used to treat arthritics, patients with chronic pain, and perhaps most importantly, the massive and growing number of people suffering from undiagnosable mystery ailments caused by exposure to chemical toxins, molds, or unidentified environmental hazards. The doctors who canít diagnose you might think youíre crazy, but perhaps you just need a good sauna.

Infrared sauna has been an empowering development in modern day health. It has successfully stopped and even reversed the symptoms of serious, even fatal illnesses.

People suffering from chronic pain have relieved their daily discomfort. Like traditional sauna it can also take off excess weight at 600 calories per 30-minute session (equivalent to jogging or playing tennis or racquet ball). It can reduce stress and lethargy and give you a general sense of well-being. It rejuvenates energy in people living hectic urban lives. It is without doubt a life-changing experience, and a lifetime investment in your health.

Infrared Rays are the most healing rays emitted by the sun. They are responsible for photosynthesis in plants, without which there would be no life on earth. They are invisible and emit themselves as heat. Itís the same heat you feel through a window inside a home on a cold winterís day. Just as the visible light penetrates windows, the Far Infrared Rays penetrate your skin.

SaunaRay utilizes the healing power of rays from the far end of the infrared spectrum of light. It mimics the rays of the sun, which emits a broad spectrum of light energy. At one end of the spectrum are the deadly Gamma rays and radioactive X-Rays, and the carcinogenic Ultraviolet rays. In the middle is visible light, which allows us to see. At the opposite side is the healing end of the spectrum; this is where infrared light resides. And at the extreme far end of the Infrared, fall the longest and most healing rays, the Far Infrared Rays. These are measured at between 4.0 Ė 14 microns, which is what the SaunaRay system emits.

These rays when emitted through SaunaRayís ceramic heating tiles will penetrate your skin by up to 1.5 inches, allowing the healing energy to activate detoxification in your body.

Medical experts working in the growing field of environmental detoxification are extremely excited about this system because it encourages sweating without over-heating the bodyís core temperature. In other words you sweat at 50C, instead of 75C, making the sauna more tolerable for heart patients, asthmatics and others sensitive to the burning heat of traditional sauna.

Toxins are released through perspiration and the SaunaRay system encourages perspiration directly from the fat cells outward, onto the surface of the skin. This means toxins do not release themselves into the bloodstream as they can during a traditional sauna. Instead the toxins move directly outward, are toweled off and removed.

This makes Infrared Sauna ideal for removing toxins received through over-exposure to chemicals, or simply the daily buildup from urban living.

You donít have to be sick to utilize SaunaRay. You can stay healthy for life. We believe SaunaRay is the best system to help you heal and stay healthy.