Rental Space

The Rising Sun offers a unique space that's highly charged with our 19 years of great energy. We are selective of what events are offered, but if you qualify, we have chairs for about 25 people.

Classes and courses that are welcomed are always centered on "self empowerment". In exchange for room rental fees (contact Bharangi for rates), we offer the following promotion/advertising advantages:

  • Website exposure (we also advertise in 3 mainstream health and wellness magazines with links to our website)
  • In Store wall space for your ad
  • In Store customer handout sheets
  • Use of our database to promote you
  • Our Staff's enthusiasm to promote your event
  • A beautiful space for your clients to wait for their appointments
  • A free cup of Reiki tea while waiting
  • We will collect your class deposits and provide receipts
  • And we offer our established clientel and expertise

Please drop by to experience our wonderful "Healing Arts Centre" - open 7 days a week.